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Drill Rifles & Parade Rifles

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DrillAmerica® 1903 Springfield Rifle
A highly detailed replica of the 1903 Springfield that is the overwhelming favorite of professional drill teams.
DrillAmerica® M1 Garand Rifle with Moving Bolt
Glendale’s exclusive DrillAmerica® rifle is a detailed replica of the M1 Garand and is the only available weapon of its type, weight and balance for parades, drill, and competitions.
DrillAmerica® Parade Rifle
Recommended for parade use and Alternative Arms Drillers.
"Continuing Education for the WDA Visual Adjudicator"
A compilation of important essays for further study in creativity and innovation for drill units.
"Exhibition Drill for the Military Drill Team"
This unique manual was written by John Marshall, a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard, who developed training aids for base honor guards.
"Exhibition Drill for the Military Drill Team, Vol. II"
An essential manual for drillers' and instructors' libraries!
"WDA Adjudication Manual and Rule Book"
The World Drill Association (WDA) is a non-profit organization focused on artistry and education for drill teams in the United States, Canada and Europe.
Airline-approved Rifle Cases
Made of high-impact, injection-molded plastic with thick wall construction and high-density foam inserts.
All Purpose Carrying Case
Glendale exclusive! Holds one or two of any of our drill rifles, swords, or sabers.
Black Nylon Sleeve for All Purpose Carrying Case
Glendale exclusive! Black nylon sleeve with drawstring closure to protect second rifle or saber.
DrillAmerica® 1903 Rifle Parts
Glendale exclusive! Replaceable metal parts for the DrillAmerica® 1903 Springfield replica rifle
DrillAmerica® 1903 Springfield Butt Plate
To protect floors during indoor drills.
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Parade Rifles

Parade rifles are used by a number of groups, including honor guards, color guards, and drill teams. Because of safety, availability, and emotional issues in different geographic locations, there is no reason to use a real rifle when a replica rifle will work as well. Our selection of rifles offers options in weight, balance, and finish. These rifles are the perfect solution for competitions, performances, parades, and training. Please note that no rifle is guaranteed against breakage.

Drill Rifles

When called on to drill with your unit before an audience of hundreds or thousands, you always want to step out smartly with the best equipment. Our exclusive DrillAmerica® Rifle is an excellent M1 Garand replica, weighted and balanced. It is the most durable of all our rifles and a favorite choice of customers everywhere. ParadeStore.com also has a wide selection of heavy web cotton rifle slings, leather rifle slings, as well as rifle carrying cases

All of our rifles are replicas only; they do not fire and are intended to be used for exhibition, special events or parades.