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US Flags: Indoor & Parade Use, Nylon
These flags are made of high quality 100% Solarmax nylon that exceeds stringent US Government specifications and feature high-gloss, densely embroidered stars and lock-stitched, hand-sewn stripes and hems.
"Continuing Education for the WDA Visual Adjudicator"
A compilation of important essays for further study in creativity and innovation for drill units.
"Exhibition Drill for the Military Drill Team, Vol. II"
An essential manual for drillers' and instructors' libraries!
"WDA Adjudication Manual and Rule Book"
The World Drill Association (WDA) is a non-profit organization focused on artistry and education for drill teams in the United States, Canada and Europe.
2013 National High School Drill Championships, Best of Series Videos
See the best routines of Masters Level competition at the National High School Drill Team Championships.
ACU Digital Camo Cadet Rank
Digitized fabric rank made to government specs.
ACU Digital Camo JROTC Tape
ACU Digital Camo JROTC Tape.
ACU Digital Camo Shoulder Tabs
Special-sized for the ACU uniform.
These have a bright nickel finish and a permanent shine so no polish is needed.
AFJROTC Badge: Awareness Presentation Team
Measures 1 1/2".
AFJROTC Badge: Missile Badge
Silver with permanent shine. Measures 2" x 1/2".
AFJROTC Badge: Model Rocketry
Silver with permanent shine. Measures 2" x 1/2".
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