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The death of a young police officer on Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) campus a year ago made us look at police in a new light. Unfortunately, it often takes a tragedy to learn a lesson. Officer Sean Collier was killed on campus three days after the bombing of the Boston Marathon when the bombers were still at large. Collier had done what came naturally to him. He had responded to a request for directions. About a week before the one-year anniversary of Officer Sean Collier's death, I had the chance to visit the MIT campus. As I walked around I kept seeing students, adults and young children stopping at small tables set up around campus to fold paper cranes. There was a small note saying that the cranes were going to be used to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the death of Officer Collier.

In researching the cranes I came across a very simple site telling the story about the cranes. The site explains that, "As the anniversary of Officer Collier's sacrifice approached, a small group of hackers reached out to the MIT community for help. They anonymously set out drop boxes in high-traffic areas on campus, anonymously inviting those walking by to stop and fold a white paper crane in tribute to Collier. Word spread, and the response was overwhelming: in only a month, more than five thousand cranes poured in from students, faculty, alumni, and friends from throughout the country. The cranes were individually strung and glued onto fine threads; each thread was attached to a large hoop, which was then lifted into place underneath the circular skylight in the Gates Atrium. The final installation fills the space of the atrium, a quiet symbol of peace and community."

Be sure and visit to read more about the cranes and about the tradition of hacks at MIT. In addition, more stories about Collier's connection with the student body, including his involvement with the Outing Club can be read at The University held a community wide service commemorating Officer Collier. Parts of the service can be seen on YouTube.

Peace Officers Memorial Day

May 15 is Peace Officers Memorial Day and is held annually to honor federal, state and local officers killed or disabled in the line of duty. It is observed in conjunction with Police Week. Display the United States flag at half staff in remembrance of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

National Police Week 2014

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