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US Postage Stamps Celebrate America

In this day of technology, it is fun to look back at the simple story that stamps tell us. This summer the US Postal Service has issued two series of stamps that are remarkable in their own way.

Medal of Honor Recipients: Vietnam War

During the last few years the US Post Office has issued a folio of stamps commemorating the Medal of Honor recipients. In 2013 the stamps recognized veterans from World War II; in 2014 the medal recipients from the Korean War; and in May the recipients from the Vietnam War. The stamps are truly beautiful and are part of the Forever stamp series. There are three versions: one for the Army, the Navy (which is also presented to members of the Marine Corps) and the Air Force. The page of stamps depicts 48 living members of this elite group. To view the stamps and learn more about the men who are on the folio visit this press release from the US Postal Service that shows not only the stamps but links to a description and video about each of the recipients.

The site also has gifts commemorating the issuance of the stamps which include special First Day of Issuance envelopes and framed sets of the stamps.

100th Anniversary of National Park Service

Another series currently on sale at your local post office is a beautiful series of stamps commemorating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, which will be explored further in our next Bugler. The stamps are incredibly beautiful, depicting scenes as iconic as the Grand Canyon and as breathtaking as Glacier Bay National Park.

Image courtesy of the U.S Postal Service.

There is also a link on the National Park Service site that lets you learn about each of the sites. For example, Bandelier National Monument and Kenliworth Park and Aquatic Gardens are not as common sites as some of the other parks but are spectacular. One of the best things about America is its diverse landscape and plant life and history. This wonderful celebration is a great time to explore America.

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