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Are you a proud member of the Coast Guard? If so, Glendale Parade Store has everything you need to be parade ready. You’ll love that all the odds and ends you need to flesh out your uniform and prepare for special events are located in one convenient place. We strive to offer a wide range of products to ensure that every Coast Guard member can find what they need to look appropriate for ceremonies, parades, demonstrations and other important occasions.

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  1. Two Piece Polished Wood Poles

    Two Piece Polished Wood Poles

    Price From: $37.50

    The natural beauty of a wood pole makes it an enduring choice for displaying colors with distinction. Learn More
  2. Pistol Holsters

    Pistol Holsters

    Price From: $50.95

    .45 caliber cadet holster with flap and black belt prongs; hook on or slide on. Learn More
  3. Battalion Lance (Battle Ax): Perfect-Fit Ornament

    Battalion Lance (Battle Ax): Perfect-Fit Ornament


    Gold Metal, 8-1/4". Made to fit precisely atop our super lightweight Deluxe Aluminum Parade Poles.


    Learn More

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Start your search of our Coast Guard collection by looking for the items you need for your uniform. Our uniform accessories include shirt stays, collar extenders, blousing garters and other items that make sure you always look sharp when full dress is required. We also offer military gloves and parade gloves along with replica rifles, sabers, cords, pins, patches and other smaller items that make your uniform complete. And if you’re representing the Coast Guard for a parade or ceremony, be sure to get a flag and flag holder as well.

Some items you may use while off-duty can also be found in this collection. Many Coast Guard members love using our garment and gear bags to tote their uniform and other essentials around, and our PT and casual wear collection is great for trainings, drills or just relaxing during free time. We even have books, DVDs and CDs for becoming even more involved in the Coast Guard lifestyle.

Make Glendale Parade Store your go-to resource for all things related to the Coast Guard. You’ll find that we’re the one-stop shop you’ve been searching for when it comes to military essentials and supplies. Let us know if you need any assistance finding the items you need or if you have a question about any of our products.