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Honor guards around the world stand for excellence and discipline. They represent military units at funerals and protect national monuments. In the United States, each branch of service has its own honor guards in addition to National Guard units in many states. The US 3rd Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) is the official Escort of the President of the United States and is the face of the armed services to the nation.

In many communities, police, fire, correction and EMT units have Honor Guards as the public representative of the unit and in memory of fallen comrades. During older times the protection of an army's colors was tantamount, because the regiment's flag, or colors, indicated battle positions and designation between regiments. Although they are not used in battles today, color guards still protect the colors and usually consist of the national flag, which is always carried on the right side and the unit's flag. The colors are "protected" by two individuals armed with rifles or swords.

Many honor guard units also have a drill team. Drill teams are known for precision, whether performing as an armed or unarmed unit. Armed units perform an intense routine of twirling, snapping and tossing the rifles among members. Unarmed teams perform a precise drill in a speedy and concise manner.

Glendale Parade Store's DrillAmerica® M1 Garand and 1903 Springfield replica rifles continue to be favorites of honor guards, color guards and drill teams across America

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  1. Web Flag Carriers

    Web Flag Carriers

    Price From: $31.95

    Single or Double harness with 2" webbing, large leather shield, adjustable straps, heavy plastic flag cup, and vinyl buckles. Learn More
  2. US Flags: Indoor & Parade Use, Nylon

    US Flags: Indoor & Parade Use, Nylon

    Price From: $44.25

    These flags are made of high quality 100% Solarmax nylon that exceeds stringent US Government specifications and feature high-gloss, densely embroidered stars and lock-stitched, hand-sewn stripes and hems. Learn More
  3. Honor Guard Gloves, Sure-Grip

    Honor Guard Gloves, Sure-Grip


    Best quality white premium cotton/Lycra® gloves. Long to cover the wrist: 10-1/2“- to 11”. Sure-Grip palm/fingers. Learn More
  4. Honor Guard Gloves

    Honor Guard Gloves


    Best quality white premium cotton/Lycra® gloves, long to cover the wrist – 10?“- to 11”. Learn More
  5. DrillAmerica® M1 Garand Replica Rifle

    DrillAmerica® M1 Garand Replica Rifle


    Glendale’s exclusive DrillAmerica® rifle is a detailed replica of the M1 Garand and is the only available weapon of its type, weight and balance for parades, drill, and competitions. Learn More

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