Hats, Berets & Helmets

Glendale’s selection of berets, hats and helmets includes headwear for ROTC and JROTC, as well military demonstrations and training. Essential to any military outfit, these covers add another layer of authenticity when worn, whether donned in a parade, reenactment or other event. You’ll find everything from parade helmets to commando and drill team berets. These are high-quality military beret hats in brilliant, vivid colors available at competitive prices when you shop our site.

Our ROTC berets, JROTC berets and army helmets offer the distinguished, respectable look that is so strongly associated with the armed forces. When wearing these uniform accessories, army and ROTC members pay honor to those who came before them in a meaningful way.

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  1. Special Forces Beret Flashes

    Special Forces Beret Flashes


    Choose from a variety of colors and designs. Learn More
  2. Ranger Beret Flashes

    Ranger Beret Flashes


    Army ROTC Ranger Flash - gold and black. Learn More
  3. Patch Attach

    Patch Attach


    A quick and easy way to bond patches onto berets, jackets, and most fabrics without sewing! Learn More
  4. Parade Helmet: White

    Parade Helmet: White


    White molded plastic helmet with adjustable headband and chin strap. Learn More
  5. Parade Helmet: Chrome

    Parade Helmet: Chrome


    Brilliant chrome-plated molded plastic helmet with adjustable headband and chin strap. Learn More
  6. Fatigue Hat

    Fatigue Hat


    A popular favorite - called a fatigue hat or Castro cap. Learn More
  7. Elastic Chin Straps and Cups

    Elastic Chin Straps and Cups


    Glendale exclusive! Soft elastic with a soft plastic cup. Will fit comfortably on most any size chin. Learn More
  8. Drill Team Berets

    Drill Team Berets

    Price From: $8.75

    Wool, 10-inch adjustable to head size. Learn More
  9. Commando Berets

    Commando Berets

    Price From: $19.95

    Wool with silk lining and black vinyl sweatband; adjustable drawstring. Learn More
  10. Armed Forces Berets

    Armed Forces Berets

    Price From: $13.95

    Wool military beret without the "pip" on top. Learn More

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In addition to our selection of military berets, hats and helmets, Glendale offers military headwear accessories, too. For example, our elastic chin straps and cups allow you to quickly and easily secure a helmet in place. We also offer a number of beret flashers and patch glue to easily adhere badges to a beret.

While many of our supplies at Glendale Parade Store are aimed at parade participants, there are other situations in which you might wear these items. Besides obvious applications like Memorial Day and Independence Day parades, they can also be used for military reenactments, weddings, funerals, public demonstrations, drill team trainings, military reunions and more. And don’t forget that they can also be added to a display in places like homes, schools, churches, VFW posts, stadiums, cemeteries and other important locations.

Get all the uniform items you need - including gloves to match your head covers - in just a few clicks by shopping at Glendale. We also carry flags, replica rifles, medals, ribbons and other items you may need for special events and displays. Our staff offers friendly and reliable service, if you have any questions or concerns about your order.