Ribbons & Mounts

There are a number of Army ribbons and mounts that can potentially be awarded to members of the ROTC or JROTC. Understanding the meaning of these ribbons, along with how to properly display them, is important for any cadet. Learn more about these awards and shop for the ribbons and mounts you need at Glendale Parade Store.

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  1. Unit Citations with Frames

    Unit Citations with Frames

    Price From: $1.00

    Presidential Unit, Army or Air Force. Learn More
  2. Unit Citation Frames

    Unit Citation Frames

    Price From: $1.00

    United States unit decorations recognize outstanding heroism or exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services. Learn More
  3. Ribbon Drapes

    Ribbon Drapes


    Choose from 52 different color combinations of bright grosgrain ribbon. Learn More
  4. Ribbon Bar Mounts

    Ribbon Bar Mounts

    Price From: $0.70

    Metal mounts and clutches for 1, 2, or 3 ribbons. Learn More
  5. Ribbon Bar Accessories: Right Staggered Ribbon Mount for Left Lapel

    Ribbon Bar Accessories: Right Staggered Ribbon Mount for Left Lapel

    Price From: $2.95

    These metal multiple-ribbon mounts are staggered to fit around a lapel, so all ribbon awards will show. Learn More
  6. Ribbon Attachments

    Ribbon Attachments

    Price From: $1.95

    Identify your team, your unit, or your skill with these ribbon attachments. Learn More
  7. Plastic Ribbon Mounts: 3 in a row

    Plastic Ribbon Mounts: 3 in a row

    Price From: $1.55

    All ribbon holders are center mount and include pins and clutches. Learn More
  8. Military Clutches

    Military Clutches


    Military butterfly brass clutch. Learn More
  9. Mega Ribbon Kits

    Mega Ribbon Kits


    Do-it-yourself ribbon mounts. Learn More
  10. Klench Fasteners

    Klench Fasteners


    These unique fasteners substitute for military butterfly clutches with the strongest, longest, smoothest hold of any product on the market. Wear with insignia, name tags, and ribbon bars. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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Army ROTC & JROTC Ribbons

You’ll generally see two types of Army ribbons awarded to members of the JROTC and ROTC. The first are ribbon bars, which are worn horizontally and usually feature vertical lines of color to denote the award. Ribbon drapes are the second type of award. These drapes also feature vertical lines of color and have a longer shape, with the flat edge aligned at the top.

Ribbon Awards

Army ROTC ribbon bars and drapes are awarded for certain achievements and service. Some examples of ribbon bars include awards for drill rifle team membership, good conduct, physical fitness or academic achievement. For ribbon drapes, cadets might be awarded for achievements like leadership development, perfect attendance or participation in student government, color guard or honor guard. To find these awards at Glendale Parade Store, click on either the ribbon bar or drape awards for ROTC or JROTC then scroll through the available award options listed in the drop-down menu.

Ribbon Mounts

You’ll also need ribbon mounts in order to attach your Army ribbon awards to your uniform. Mounts are available in various styles to accommodate certain types or quantities of ribbons. For example, single awards are easily attached with Klench fasteners or military clutches. If you have multiple ribbon bars, you may want to use long plastic ribbon mounts instead. At Glendale Parade Store, you’ll find these options as well as special accessories like ribbon attachments and unit citation frames.

Find custom Army ribbon mounts and various ROTC and JROTC ribbon drapes and bars when you shop at Glendale Parade Store online.