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Members of any military organization know just how important ribbons are when it comes to displaying their loyalty and achievements. These ribbons for Navy JROTC members allow those of all levels to proudly display the ribbons they’ve earned. Being a part of the naval branch of the JROTC is a huge commitment, so the awards bestowed upon the members are displayed on the uniforms as a special honor. At Glendale Parade Store, we know you want to have those ribbons ready to go when it’s time for a special event like a parade or a formal ceremony. That’s why we offer this selection of NJROTC ribbons and mounts to make sure your uniform is fully prepared to be on display.

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  1. Unit Citations with Frames

    Unit Citations with Frames

    Price From: $1.00

    Presidential Unit, Army or Air Force. Learn More
  2. Unit Citation Frames

    Unit Citation Frames

    Price From: $1.00

    United States unit decorations recognize outstanding heroism or exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services. Learn More
  3. Ribbon Drapes

    Ribbon Drapes


    Choose from 52 different color combinations of bright grosgrain ribbon. Learn More
  4. Ribbon Bar Mounts

    Ribbon Bar Mounts

    Price From: $0.70

    Metal mounts and clutches for 1, 2, or 3 ribbons. Learn More
  5. Ribbon Bar Accessories: Right Staggered Ribbon Mount for Left Lapel

    Ribbon Bar Accessories: Right Staggered Ribbon Mount for Left Lapel

    Price From: $2.95

    These metal multiple-ribbon mounts are staggered to fit around a lapel, so all ribbon awards will show. Learn More
  6. Ribbon Attachments

    Ribbon Attachments

    Price From: $1.95

    Identify your team, your unit, or your skill with these ribbon attachments. Learn More
  7. Plastic Ribbon Mounts: 3 in a row

    Plastic Ribbon Mounts: 3 in a row

    Price From: $1.55

    All ribbon holders are center mount and include pins and clutches. Learn More
  8. NJROTC Award Ribbons

    NJROTC Award Ribbons


    Regulation NJROTC ribbon bars. Learn More
  9. Military Clutches

    Military Clutches


    Military butterfly brass clutch. Learn More
  10. Mega Ribbon Kits

    Mega Ribbon Kits


    Do-it-yourself ribbon mounts. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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Our NJROTC award ribbons can be ordered according to the award that has been given. That includes everything from ribbons for achievement in academics, merit or physical fitness to ribbons that note participation in the drill team or rifle team. In addition, ribbon drapes can be added to lend a personal touch to your uniform. Our JROTC ribbon drapes come in 52 color options and can be customized according to your school colors, organization colors or even just a patriotic red, white and blue pattern.

Now that you have the Navy JROTC ribbons you need, it’s time to put them on. Our Glendale JROTC supplies also include special mounts for your naval ribbons. Choose from ribbon bar mounts, unit citation frames and other ribbon attachments to easily add these special denotations to your uniform.

At Glendale Parade Store, we have everything you need to be parade ready. That includes these special touches like uniform ribbons and mounts. If you’re looking for a particular uniform accessories or dress component, let us know and we’ll help you locate it on our site.