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Belts are an essential element of many military dress regulations. If you’re in need of military belts and buckles that conform to these strict standards, Glendale Parade Store has just what you need. Our selection of military belt buckles and military belts includes a wide variety of types and colors to accommodate members of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force. Some items in this collection can also be used as part of a police or firefighter uniform, so search our merchandise to find what you’re looking for at a great price.

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  1. Sam Browne Belt Keeper Loops

    Sam Browne Belt Keeper Loops

    Price From: $3.50

    These leather belt keepers will hold two belts securely together. Learn More
  2. Pistol Belts: New GI Quick Release

    Pistol Belts: New GI Quick Release


    These are the new government-issue USMC quick-release nylon pistol belts. Learn More
  3. Pistol Belts (Medium weight)

    Pistol Belts (Medium weight)

    Price From: $6.25

    2" medium-weight webbing, black hardware, adjustable to 38". Learn More
  4. Pistol Belts (Heavyweight)

    Pistol Belts (Heavyweight)

    Price From: $16.50

    2" Heavyweight webbing. Learn More
  5. Parade Belts

    Parade Belts

    Price From: $45.95

    2 1/4" heavyweight webbing complete with large waist buckle and four keepers, with or without eyelets, adjustable to 44"and to 52". Learn More
  6. Parade Belt Keepers

    Parade Belt Keepers


    Parade belt replacement keepers to hold the extra length of the belt securely. Learn More
  7. Parade Belt Buckles

    Parade Belt Buckles

    Price From: $16.95

    Parade Buckle for our web Parade Belts. Learn More
  8. Military Rigger's Belts

    Military Rigger's Belts


    You may not be packing or repairing parachutes, but this is a good-looking belt to wear at any time – in black, AF blue, olive or sand! Learn More
  9. Military Police Belts

    Military Police Belts

    Price From: $15.25

    2" Heavyweight webbing - same as pistol belt but without eyelets. Learn More
  10. Large Waist Buckles, Engraved

    Large Waist Buckles, Engraved

    Price From: $22.50

    Hooks easily onto belts. Learn More

Items 11 to 20 of 32 total

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One popular option among our many military belts is the parade belt. Perfect for competitions, exhibitions, special observances, memorials and, of course, parades, these belts look especially stylish when in full military dress. To secure the ends of your belt and maintain a neat and clean appearance, consider ordering some parade belt keepers as well.

Web belts offer a more casual look that is often paired with less formal military dress. Black, navy or white web belts are sometimes required for certain military events. You may also need a gold, silver or solid brass web belt buckle to complete the look. In addition to these cotton web belts, we carry a great selection of top-grain leather belts in various sizes and styles.

Whatever the occasion calls for, you can find the appropriate military belts and belt buckles when you shop at Glendale Parade Store. We’re honored to be a reliable resource for these important accessories required by active and veteran members of the military. Search our full collection of cotton web belts, leather belts and metal belt buckles to find the correct item for your military dress needs.