Flag Poles

Make sure you’re able to fly your flag high with the help of a sturdy flag pole from Glendale Parade Store. Whether you’re participating in a parade, marching with your unit or displaying a flag at home, the right flag staff ensures that you’re able to raise your flag up and fly it proudly for all to see. That’s why we offer this great selection of parade flag poles, including a variety of finishes and styles from which to choose.

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  1. Wall Bracket for poles

    Wall Bracket for poles


    These cast aluminum brackets have adjustable angles for flag display with a set screw that locks a flag pole in place. Learn More
  2. Two Piece Polished Wood Poles

    Two Piece Polished Wood Poles

    Price From: $37.50

    The natural beauty of a wood pole makes it an enduring choice for displaying colors with distinction. Learn More
  3. Traditional-Fit Aluminum Poles (Two-Piece and Telescoping Styles)

    Traditional-Fit Aluminum Poles (Two-Piece and Telescoping Styles)

    Price From: $51.95

    Engineered for maximum performance and beauty. Learn More
  4. Rotating Pole with Ground Sleeve, 9' x 1"

    Rotating Pole with Ground Sleeve, 9' x 1"


    White painted aluminum, two-piece pole, weighing 2.45 pounds, with a galvanized steel ground sleeve. Learn More
  5. Quick Stick Flag Bracket

    Quick Stick Flag Bracket


    Superstrong adhesive firmly adheres to metal, plastic, wood, brick and other surfaces. Learn More
  6. Portable Flag Poles

    Portable Flag Poles

    Price From: $21.95

    These lightweight aluminum poles can be used at stadium events, tailgate and house parties, campsites, and picnics. Learn More
  7. Pole Insert

    Pole Insert


    This simple tapered insert makes guiding the flag pole into the cup a smooth and easy endeavor. Learn More
  8. Perfect-Fit Aluminum Parade Poles

    Perfect-Fit Aluminum Parade Poles

    Price From: $55.95

    Two-piece and Telescoping styles are precision-engineered to be incredibly lightweight and easy to handle. The threaded top is compatible with any of our Perfect Fit style ornaments.

    NOTE: ONLY PERFECT-FIT ORNAMENTS FIT THESE POLES (see available ornaments on the right).

    Learn More
  9. Hide-a-Pole



    When space is limited, this little pole does a big job at any event. Learn More
  10. Guidon Poles

    Guidon Poles

    Price From: $133.95

    This is the standard guidon staff made to military specifications. Learn More

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One of the most popular styles of marching flag poles we sell at Glendale is a compact flag pole. These are great options for those who need to store lots of flag poles for use at special events like parades. For example, you can find two-piece flag poles and telescoping flag poles for sale that save on space when your pole is not in use. We also have guidon poles made to military specifications, those with military ornaments at the top and convenient flag accessories like pole inserts.

If you’ll be carrying your flag for an extended period of time, you may also want to look for a pole that won’t leave you feeling worn down. Many of our marching flag staffs are made to be lightweight so they’ll be easier to handle. In fact, select designs are actually a great option for color guards because the poles themselves are so light and maneuverable.

Search our entire selection of flag poles at Glendale Parade Store to find the perfect fit for your needs. The right flag staff can definitely make your flag easier to handle, so be sure to check out all the options to discover one you like. If you have any questions about our flag pole offerings, don’t hesitate to contact our professional and personable customer service team to get the answers you need.