Traditional-Fit Additional Ornaments

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Decorate the end of your flag pole for a classy look.

Traditional-Fit Additional Ornaments

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There are many ornament choices available for your flag in addition to the eagle: battalion lance, maple leaf, Maltese Cross, bear, cardinal bird, religious crosses, and the Star of David. These will fit easily over any of our wood poles or the 1” aluminum pole. To fit them to 1-1/4” aluminum poles, here are several proven methods offered by customers: Wrap the ornament ferrule (the part that fits inside the pole) with tape – masking, duct, electrical, or plastic. This will fill up the space between the outside ferrule wall and inside pole wall and hold the ornament securely.

•For the Cardinal, #28, the aluminum pole adapter, #2222 will be required to fit the 84G, 94G, 84S and 94S aluminum flag poles.

•The appropriate ornament for the Navy and Coast Guard flags is the gold battalion lance (battle ax).

Flag Poles and Ornaments Chart

Please note the #34 Star of David and #13B Battalion Lance are being replaced by #34GE and #13GE (see Related Products).