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Last year, the United States Army Cadet Corps (USAC) celebrated 100 years of providing an Army-oriented, high-adventure career exploration program for highly-motivated young men and women ages 12-18. It is the oldest nationwide cadet program still existing today. In the early 20th Century, the program was Navy based and taught boys good citizenship and patriotism. This idea was the foundation of both the Boy Scouts of America and the American Cadet Alliance, the predecessor to the Army Cadet Corps.

The mission of the USAC is to instill, through a multi-faceted Army Cadet program that is physically and mentally challenging and rewarding, the importance of national pride, service to others, and maintaining a drug-free and gang-free lifestyle. In 2008, the former Millersburg Military Institute in Millersburg, Kentucky was purchased as the Corps' headquarters and as the National Cadet Training Center serving as a training and communications hub available to all cadet programs.

Each summer, hundreds of cadets attend the Military Adventure Camp programs, lasting two to six weeks. The training is physically and mentally demanding, with heavy emphasis on personal accountability and teamwork. Cadets learn military drill and ceremonies, run an obstacle course, earn marksmanship awards, certify in self defense, participate in water survival, learn basic land navigation, and rappel off a tower.

New in 2010 will be the three-week Cadet Ranger Course to give cadets insight to life as an Army Ranger, as well as a Police Adventure Camp, a two-week program that demonstrates to young people the rigors of attending a police academy. Also beginning this year, the National Cadet Training Center will host cadets of other nations, providing an exposure to the United States, to officers, and to cadets from around the world. Future plans include possible reinstitution of a residential military high school and junior college.

The program is all about the cadets, and the values for the U.S.Army Cadet Corps could apply to everyone:
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