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Dennis Stark, the Fire Marshal of the Alexandria Fire Department in Alexandria Minnesota was telling Glendale about his pride as Honor Guard Commander of the Minnesota Fallen Firefighter's Memorial Association (MFFMA). The organization's mission as stated on their website is to "ensure that every Firefighter Line-of-Duty Death (LODD) within Minnesota is provided a dignified memorial service. This will be done no matter what departmental affiliation, religious, political or any other preference. We are only here to honor a fallen brother or sister within the fire service.' He spoke with pride of his organization’s honor guard and the memorials that they have for fallen firefighters as well as the public events where they proudly present the colors and raise awareness of fallen firefighters. He is especially proud of his organization's patch and the significance of each symbol.

The Eagle: A symbol of the USA; it is majestic, regal and noble

The Lightning Bolts: Represents the speed of response of firefighters and MFFMA

The Red Banner Ribbon: Red for Fire Service

MFFMA: Minnesota Fallen Firefighters Memorial Association

The Maltese Cross "Badge of Courage": Fire service emblem

The Axe & Helmet and the Hose & Hydrant Represents some equipment used in the fire service

The Memorial Draped Cross: Represents a memorial to fallen firefighters

The Single Red Rose: Represents the love shared by all for the fallen firefighter and signifies the love shown by the ultimate sacrifice made by firefighters while protecting those they served. It also stands for our support for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF).

The Blue Minnesota: Represents the sky blue waters of Minnesota and to show MFFMA is a State organization.

The "Remember the Fallen" and the Memorial Wreath with Black Ribbon: Red is for fire service and our central theme is to remember and memorialize those who have given their lives in the service of their communities.

MFFMA Honor Guard presenting the Colors at a Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears game. Courtesy of MFFMA.

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On Sunday, June 14, honor the United States flag and commemorate the flag's adoption by displaying the American flag at homes and public buildings in support of loyalty to our nation and commitment to unity and freedom.

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