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New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial and The Vietnam Era Museum and Educational Center

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The Vietnam War was a long conflict with November 1, 1955 recognized as the official beginning date by the Department of Defense. As the 50th anniversary of this era is upon us, the Bugler will periodically focus on one of several state memorials that honor those who served in Vietnam. The New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial is located in Holmdel Township and honors those from the state who served in the War, especially honoring the 1,562 men and one woman who were killed or missing in action. The memorial was dedicated May 7, 1995 on the 20th anniversary of the end of the war.

Another outstanding part of the New Jersey Memorial is that it is also a museum which, according to the museum's website, "provides political, cultural and historical context for the Memorial." The Vietnam Era Museum and Educational Center "helps visitors gain an understanding of the conflict in Southeast Asia and the surrounding political strife in America and its lasting impact on American culture, with an emphasis on experiences in New Jersey."

The memorial was designed by Hien Nguyen, who had fled South Vietnam in 1975. In 1988, his design was chosen from over 400 that were submitted for consideration. His design includes an open-air circular pavilion, 200 feet in diameter. Around the outside are 366 black granite panels, each one representing a day of the year. On the panels are listed the names of those killed in action, on the day they were killed or declared missing. The state tree of New Jersey, the red oak, is in the middle of the pavilion. There are also three statues, one of a dying soldier, one of a nurse tending to his wounds, and one soldier standing at their sides. They represent those who died, the women in the war, and those who came back safely, respectively.

The memorial is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Free guided tours of the memorial are Saturday at 11:00 and reservations are not required. In addition, many events are held at the Memorial. Visit the website to see events upcoming in the fall.

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