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Celebrations Across America

If you live near a large metropolitan area like Boston or San Francisco or Washington D.C., one can be treated to some spectacular events and fireworks displays. However, it is small town America that really knows how to celebrate the Fourth of July. There are thousands of small town celebrations across the country with parades, picnics and fireworks. The following towns are great examples of Fourth of July in the USA!

Fireworks in San Jose, California. Photo by Ian Kluft. Used with permission.

Into the Wild Blue Yonder - Saluting a Century of Aviation in Nebraska!

Seward, Nebraska is known as Nebraska's "Fourth of July City." There are a host of events including an essay contest for fourth graders where Mr. Firecracker and Miss Independence are "crowned" based on essays they submit. In addition to the Grand Parade, there is a pole vault competition, a car show and a pet parade along with "Crafts on the Square." The Nebraska National Guard will also open its new museum in Seward. The day ends with a spectacular fireworks display. Please visit to see all the activities that would make for an extra special Fourth of July.

Watermelon Seed Spitting

Pauls Valley, Oklahoma celebrates each 4th of July with a watermelon seed-spitting contest, which is sponsored by the Pauls Valley Kiwanis. Held in conjunction with the City's 4th of July fireworks show, this contest has been a Pauls Valley tradition for over 50 years. Since 1957, when the contest began, the Watermelon Seed Spittin' World Championship has been featured in the Guinness Book of Records, Trivial Pursuit, and Rilpey's Believe it or Not. Each year participants attempt to break the record of Jack Dietz of Chicago, who launched a seed 66 feet 11 inches in 1989.

At one time a world record watermelon seed winner recorded this "how-to" video. Watch this hilarious video to see if you can master the seed-spitting technique.

Visit to learn more about Pauls Valley's festivities.

The Military, Civic and Fireman's Parade

Bristol, Rhode Island is nicknamed "America's Most Patriotic Town." This distinction comes because the town has had the oldest continuous celebration of the Fourth of July. The celebration starts on June 14th, National Flag Day, and concludes with the historic Military, Civic and Fireman's Parade on July 4th. The town has a series of concerts, an old-fashion soap-box derby and a firefighters' muster. The festivities officially start on June 14, Flag Day, beginning a period of outdoor concerts, soap-box races and a firefighters' muster at Independence Park. There is also a Drum and Bugle Competition and a 4th of July Ball. The celebration climaxes on July 4 with the oldest annual parade in the United States, "The Military, Civic and Firemen's Parade," an event that draws over 200,000 people from Rhode Island and around the world. Visit the town's website to learn more about this great celebration.

Glendale Shout Out to Bill Ober

Photo by Bill Ober. Used with permission.

Bill Ober, who was in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1961-1967 and served in the 1st Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, recently sent Glendale a picture of himself in his uniform, which is 54 years young. Thank you for sharing your picture and we encourage our readers to do it more often. If you have a photo to share please send to

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