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Columbia Going on Tour

The Apollo 11 spacecraft Command Module being lowered to the deck of the U.S.S. Hornet. Photo courtesy of NASA. Public domain.

One of the most spectacular events that the world has ever experienced was the United States successfully putting a man on the moon. This giant leap for mankind would never have been possible without the capsule in which the astronauts traveled over a million miles in round trip. The capsule went on tour in 1970 but since then has been in-house for most of the time at the Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. During the next two years, leading up to the 50th anniversary of the moon landing on July 20, 2019, the Columbia capsule will be touring the country.

The exhibit, "Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission," is part of the Smithsonian's touring exhibition events. The Columbia capsule will appear at four museums across the county. The opening will be at the Space Center in Houston starting in October 2017. According to The Smithsonian magazine the exhibit will travel to:

  • Space Center Houston in Texas (October 14, 2017 - March 18, 2018)
  • Saint Louis Science Center in Missouri (April 14, 2018 - September 3, 2018)
  • Senator John Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (September 29, 2018 - February 18, 2019)
  • Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington (March 16, 2019 - September 2, 2019)

See to learn more about the Columbia and the tour.

Another exciting part of the tour is that last year for the first time in decades museum staff entered the capsule. According to Smithsonian a "3D scan" was done of the entire interior of the capsule and it shows where the astronauts wrote notes and performed calculations.

This time period seems far away, but this is a spectacular opportunity to see a piece of US history. There will be many articles about the Apollo 11 between now and July 2019 as well as many commercial opportunities to relive the excitement or pass it on to your family or students. On Friday, LEGO announced on its Facebook page its first official picture of the Apollo 11 Saturn-V rocket which carried Columbia into orbit.

Drill Season

Drill season for the JROTC programs is in full swing. The following picture is from a group of cadets practicing at Army Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky on April 1st.

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