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Can't Get Enough of These Apollo Recovery Operations!

Retrieval of the Apollo 7 space capsule and LTJG Lawrence Day aboard the U.S.S. Essex. Photos courtesy of Carole Day.

Two weeks ago when the Bugler carried an article about the Columbia capsule traveling to museums across America, we included a picture of the recovery of the capsule by the USS Hornet. A few days later, a dear friend and avid Bugler reader who is also the wife of a Navy veteran asked if I had ever seen the picture of her husband when his ship, the USS Essex, recovered Apollo 7. Several shots are included.

It is amazing the life that these ships have. According to, the USS Essex (CV/CVA/CVS-9) was the "lead ship of the 24-ship Essex class built for the United States Navy during World War II." She earned the Presidential Unit Citation and 13 battle stars. After modernization and recommissioning in the 1950s she participated in the Korean War, where she earned four battle stars, and the Navy Unit later played a role in Commendation. She was used in the Cuban Missile Crisis and was the primary recovery carrier for the Apollo 7 space mission. The capsule landed 200 nautical miles SWW of Bermuda on October 22, 1968.

We do all forget how much progress was made during the Apollo program. Apollo 7 was the first U.S. three-man mission and was the first time there was live national TV from space during a manned space flight. The mission lasted 10 days and 20 hours. See the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum website to learn more about Apollo 7 and the entire Apollo program.

Glendale Shout Out to Brackenridge High School Golden Female Color Guard

The Brackenridge High School Eagle Battalion from San Antonio was so excited and proud that their Female Color Guard team took First Place in the US Army JROTC National Drill Championships which were held in Louisville, Kentucky in early May. They were one of 91 teams represented from across the country. Great job!

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