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You Think You've Seen a Solar Eclipse: Odds are Most of Us Haven't!

This map shows the path across the US where the sun will be completely obstructed. Visit for larger map views. Photo courtesy of NASA.

The eclipse on August 21, 2017 seems to be the big talked about event of the summer and so many people say, "But I've seen an eclipse before, what makes this such a big deal?" It's a big deal because in truth very few of us have seen a solar eclipse. This is one of the major events of this century. This eclipse is termed a totality eclipse stretching completing across the continental United States. It makes its entry point in Oregon, crosses into Idaho, a tiny tip of Montana then Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, parts of Kentucky, across Tennessee and the northern tip of Georgia before it crosses a swatch of North Carolina and across the width of South Carolina and reaches the coast. Totality crosses only through the United States and no other country. This is why it is being termed the "Great American Eclipse." Over 10 million people, a very small fraction of the population, live in the "totality" band, but over 28 million more live within 60 miles so everyone is expecting the population of the areas to more than double. Everyone in the continental US is going to experience a partial eclipse. In New Jersey, where Glendale is based there will be a 75% eclipse - not quite the same. To learn more see You can get an estimated time to experience the eclipse in your town.

St. Louis, as well as many other locations, is going all out. The last time St. Louis had a total solar eclipse was in 1442. Once again, most of us have never seen one. The last time any part of the United States experienced a solar eclipse was in July 1991 in Hawaii but it was cloudy and most people could not see. Alaska has had a couple but for the most part most of us have never seen a solar eclipse. The last nationwide band of totality was during the summer of 1918.

REMEMBER: Looking directly at the sun, even when it is partially covered by the moon, can cause serious eye damage or blindness. NEVER look at a partial solar eclipse without proper eye protection.

Interested in Becoming our 2018 Grand National Intern?

We are seeking highly-motivated, down-right-dedicated applicants from the class of 2018! At Glendale, we are always searching for new ways to recognize and reward outstanding achievement in the JROTC community. New in 2017 was the introduction of our Grand National Internship program. This highly selective internship opportunity is designed to provide hands-on work experience to an aspiring senior cadet. This cadet and their family would travel to Daytona Beach, Florida, home of the National High School Drill Team Championships, and work right alongside the Glendale staff each day, learning the ins and outs of business while becoming immersed in the one-of-a-kind nature of the "Nationals!"

This year's recipient was Air Force JROTC Cadet Ariana Southall from East Paulding High School in Dallas, GA. Cadet Southall set the bar high for future applicants! Not only was she required to submit nomination letters from her program and teachers, she was also required to craft an essay detailing how the experience would help her in her personal endeavors.

The requirements are intense: applicants must not be attending Nationals with a competing drill team, must be in good standing with their JROTC unit having demonstrated exceptional leadership and maturity, and must submit transcripts verifying their academic successes. Only the top applicants will be selected to interview for the position. Those selected for this prestigious award receive 18 certified hours of internship credit for use on future resumes/college applications as well as a travel grant to help offset the cost of their attendance! Send a request for information to to be considered!

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