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Greetings from San Antonio

The Bugler has taken take a break since April but what an exciting couple of months it has been. After almost thirty years on Paris Avenue in Northvale, New Jersey, Glendale Parade Store has relocated to San Antonio, Texas. We truly appreciate the warm Texas welcome we've received - not only from the weather but also from our new employees and customers. Glendale has always been known for exceptional customer service and many of our former employees - Marilyn, Paula, Michele, Pauline, Irene, Cheryl, Barbara and Javier - gave you many years of dedicated service. Our new customer service staff in Texas - Gina, Ronda, Amanda, Joann, Sonia, Kirsten and Lynne - will try to continue the same exceptional service.

Fort Sam Houston

The clock tower at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Photo by Peter Rimar. Public domain.

One of the most noted spots in San Antonio is Fort Sam Houston. The Quadrangle at the Fort Sam Houston is the one place at the base that is open to the public. On October 1, 2010, Fort Sam Houston joined Lackland and Randolph Air Force Bases to create Joint Base San Antonio. Fort Sam, as it is known, was named after the Sam Houston, who was at one time a U. S, representative from Tennessee, later a U.S. Senator from Texas, a Texas governor and the first President of the Republic of Texas. Fort Sam has a long, storied history as part of San Antonio. San Antonio had been a military outpost from the early 1800s, but the city was reluctant to give the Army prime real estate to build a fort. After a brief move to Austin, the city donated land on the eastern part of San Antonio, which was dubbed Government Hill, the highest point in the City. On Government Hill, the U.S. Army constructed a quadrangle between 1876 and 1879. A clock tower was part of the constructed site, with an empty hole waiting for the clock. The bell in the clock tower was taken from a boat that had grounded in Galveston Bay.

One of the most famous captives at Fort Sam Houston was Geronimo, the chief of the Apaches. The Apaches and the U.S. Army continued to have brutal battles in Arizona and New Mexico. Geronimo accepted surrender and while in the walls of Fort Sam Houston was promised protection for himself and his other braves, women and children. They were at the fort for about six weeks.

Visitors come to Fort Sam Houston's Quadrangle for its serenity. The Quadrangle is open to the public and is often described as a large petting zoo as it is home to wild animals including deer, peacocks, geese and ducks. On July 30, 1974, the complex was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Fort Sam Houston is now part of Joint Base San Antonio and recently commemorated its part in San Antonio's 300-year celebration. "To commemorate the bond between city and the military, Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston hosted Military Appreciation Weekend May 5-6 as part of the city's tricentennial celebration. The installation held a plethora of events and activities that was open to the public. One of the events was hourly historic tours of the installation."

Flag Day is Tomorrow, June 14

Devils Canadiens hockey game

Long Branch police Department at the Priduntial Center. Photo courtesy of Brian Boryszewski.

Giants Eagles football game

Long Branch police Department at the MetLife Stadium. Photo courtesy of Brian Boryszewski.

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