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Four Chaplains of the Dorchester

Valor. Faith. Compassion. Congress reminded us to remember the heroism of these men when it designated February 3rd as National Four Chaplains Day. Over the next few days many memorial ceremonies will be held to remember the 69th anniversary of the Four Chaplains of the Dorchester. Early on the morning of February 3, 1943 the U.S.A.T. Dorchester was cited in the scope of a German submarine. A deadly torpedo struck the middle of the ship and the 900 men aboard were facing death in the waters off the coast of Greenland. Four Army chaplains, (2 Protestant ministers, a Catholic priest, and a Jewish rabbi), gave their lives that day handing out life vests and trying to help maintain calm in the face of an immeasurable loss. Almost 700 men lost their lives that night but we are left with the memory of the valor and faith exhibited by the four chaplains.

The Immortal ChaplainsThese four chaplains were decorated with the Distinguished Service Cross and the Purple Heart. In 1961 a one-time only posthumous Special Medal for Heroism was authorized by Congress and awarded by President Eisenhower to these four men. Their bravery and sacrifice is kept alive through numerous chapels and monuments around the country. In addition, the Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation continues to honor their names through programs such as the Legion of Honor and the establishment of an Emergency Chaplain Corps which offered assistance during the Oklahoma City bombing, September 11 attacks and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Another foundation, The Immortal Chaplains Foundation, was founded in 1997 by descendants of the chaplains to encourage each of us to reach out to our fellow man, regardless of race or religion.

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