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Everyone Loves a Parade

Memorial Day was celebrated across America last week with parades, picnics and salutes to the Armed Forces of the United States.

Nutley NJ Memeorial Day ParadeNutley NJ Parade Band

Nutley NJ AMVETSOne such parade was Nutley's 93rd Annual Memorial Day Parade held in Nutley, New Jersey where the local high school, middle school, and elementary school bands performed. Other participants included Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts as well as several veterans, police, fire and EMT units and the South Park & District Pipes & Drums. Many veterans attended the parade. One gentleman had landed in France on D-Day, fought in Normandy and later at the Battle of the Bulge. One of the other men enjoying the parade was the veteran pictured below from Nutley AMVETS. He had a great day waving at all the children and spectators and one couldn't help but be thankful for his service.

It is so important for all of us to honor and remember our service men and women, why they fought and what we so easily take for granted. However, for a brief hour, it is great to see the people celebrating and thanking the men and women who serve our country and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The hometown flavor of America comes out in full force for a parade.

Many organizations see the Memorial Day celebrations as a way to draw attention to their organizations and salute our armed services at the same time. One hometown example of this, as reported by, is the Bridgewater, New Jersey Baseball and Softball organization that holds a baseball tournament over Memorial Day weekend. It opened its weekend with a special ceremony to honor local soldiers. T-shirts saying "We Play Because of You" were sold during the tournament and a banner was created that each player signed and will then be sent to Afghanistan for US soldiers to sign. On its return the banner will be displayed at a local baseball complex for all the young players and fans to see. This is being facilitated by Operation Shoebox, an organization that has several different programs to assist the troops including sending care packages, arranging for organizations and schools to "adopt" a troop as well as programs to assist wounded soldiers. See for more information.

In the Nutley parade, a group of young people were promoting another organization that supports the troops called It started in August of 2003 as a simple family effort to help the soldiers in one Army unit, when their son, Brian, encouraged his parents to send more packages to give to his comrades who were not receiving care packages. To date more than 2 million service people have been aided by

Another important entry in the parade was the sky blue Volkswagon Beetle that was carrying four women dressed in red, white and blue representing the League of Women Voters. One of the fundamental rights that this country offers is the election of its leaders. We are constantly fighting in countries around the world so that people may have the same rights as citizens of the United States. So why don't more people vote? In presidential election years, approximately 55-56% of the eligible population vote. In non-presidential election years, this drops as low as 37% even though this is a time when many of our U.S. Senators and Representatives are elected. Take advantage of your rights. Vote and encourage your family and friends to vote. It's not only your right but also your responsibility.

Nutley NJ League of Women Voters

Send Us Your Pictures

Email your pictures or videos to from your local Police Week, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July celebrations and we will add them to our Facebook page over the summer. This photo was sent in by the Bloomington Minnesota Police Department of their Honor Guard during a Police Memorial Service on May 15th.

Bloomington Minnesota Police Department

Battle of Midway

This week marks the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Midway which established the U.S. Navy as the best in the world. Great accounts of this historical battle can be found on several websites including and and search for the Battle of Midway and the Aleutian Islands. Another interesting resource is to access the New York Times historical data base, available through most local libraries, and read the actual accounts of the battles as reported in June of 1942.

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