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National WWI Museum

During the past year and a half the US has marked the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States. If you are a history enthusiast, you have been rewarded with magazines, news articles and films that tell us some of the stories about the famous battles that happened during the Civil War. Museum exhibits have retold the stories for millions of Americans. There is more than just remembering. I think in many ways the reexamination of these past wars help us grow stronger as a nation and a people. It makes us remember the sacrifices that our country has made, and hopefully learn from the mistakes we have made as well.

Beginning next year and for many following years, we will have the same opportunity to learn about WWI. World War I took the life of more than 9 million soldiers; 21 million more were wounded. Civilian casualties caused indirectly by the war numbered close to 10 million. In researching ways to learn more about WWI, I discovered the National WWI Museum in Kansas City, Missouri. This museum has a phenomenal collection that can be shared through an actual visit or through their phenomenal website. One of the most breathtaking parts of the exhibit is as one enters the museum they walk over a Western Front Poppy Field. Each of the 9000 poppies represents a thousand combatant deaths for a total of nine million.

The museum tells their story as follows: "The Museum collections and exhibitions tell more than an American story. They cover the entire war from the first shots in 1914 to the last attempts at peace in 1919. All the belligerent nations involved, reflecting both the battlefield and the home front, are represented."

Angels of the Pacific

On March 8, 2013 Mildred Manning, the last surviving Angel of the Pacific, died at the age of 98. Mildred was one of the 77 Army and Navy nurses who were taken as prisoners of war when the Bataan Peninsula and Corregidor Island in the Philippines fell in April 1942. The nurses tended the sick, fought malnutrition and to their credit not a single nurse died during her time of imprisonment. The courage they showed is legendary. One can learn more about the Angels of the Pacific by reading The 'Angels of Bataan'.

Liberated from Santo Tomas Internment Camp after two and a half years, nurses known as the Angels of Bataan and Corregidor leave Manila in February 1945. Picture and information are from

Shout Out to Lt Col Tosti

Glendale was pleased to attend the Air Force Nationals Competition at College Station, Maryland on March 16th. We watched unbelievable spirit and enthusiasm as more than thirty schools competed in armed and unarmed drill. We were also lucky enough to visit with a long time Glendale friend, Lt Col R J Tosti, who after fifty years of service, 28 in the Air Force and 22 as a JROTC commander, is retiring. He started his service at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey and now he is trading in his wings at Bellevue West High School in Bellevue, Nebraska for a fishing rod and a beautiful lake. Enjoy the fishing from all your friends at Glendale.

Glendale sightings

Competition season for Drill and Honor Guard teams is fast approaching, and Glendale Parade Store is in the mix as a proud sponsor and participant in:

  • April 26: The National Fire Department Honor Guard Competition, part of FDIC 2013, April 22-27, Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • May 4-6: The 2013 National High School Drill Team Championships, Daytona Beach, Florida.
  • May 14 National Police Honor Guard Competition, part of National Police Week 2013, May 12-18, Washington DC.

Good luck to all the teams, and remember the Glendale motto:


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