How to Attach a Rifle Sling

If you are an active or past member of the armed forces participating in a drill for a parade or other ceremony, you want to be sure that you have everything worked out, down to the smallest details. If you are spinning or firing a rifle, one of the most important factors you’ll need to account for is your rifle sling. Properly attaching your rifle sling can make the difference between an excellently executed routine and one filled with mistakes and missteps. Likewise, a properly attached rifle sling will drastically improve safety during a drill or parade. Below, our experts here at Glendale Parade Store have put together a short guide to show you how to properly attach a rifle sling in a matter of seconds. Read on to learn more, and shop drill and parade rifles, flags and accessories, uniform accessories and more online with us today!

Attaching Your Rifle Sling: A Step by Step Guide

Your rifle sling is responsible for holding your rifle during a drill or ceremony. Properly attaching it beforehand is vital in ensuring that your routine is executed as seamlessly as possible. Follow these steps to ensure that you attach your rifle sling the right way.

First, clip the sling’s hook device onto the lowest sling swivel on the rifle. The clip on the hook should face inwards toward the rifle. Double check to make sure your clip is facing the right way. After clipping, wrap the sling around the middle sling swivel on your rifle. (Make sure you choose the middle swivel — not the topmost swivel. That’s the stacking swivel.)

Pull your sling. Slide its metal tipped end through the sling holder. (This is the removable metal piece on your rifle.) The tab of the metal tipped end of your sling should face up. Finally, push down on the sling holder’s tab to secure the extra sling material. This will help keep everything tight and flush during your drill.

By following the above steps, you can properly attach your rifle sling in seconds. Doing so will not only ensure proper presentation during your drill or parade — it will also keep you and those around you safe. These steps can be followed with all types of parade rifles, including the DrillAmerica® Parade Replica Rifle and the DrillAmerica® MK1 Replica Rifle, both available to order online here at Glendale Parade Store.

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