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If you’re looking for high-quality Coast Guard accessories, you’ve come to the right place. Glendale Parade Store has an excellent selection of official accessories for your Coast Guard uniform for sale. These items range from simple shirt stays to beautiful military nameplates, but they’re all designed with one common goal: to make you look sharp and sleek for any occasion where your formal uniform must be worn. From ceremonies and celebrations to memorials and parades, our Coast Guard uniform accessories will come in handy for a number of events where you’ll be representing your branch of the military with pride.

As any Coast Guard member knows, following military dress regulations is important. That’s why we offer this selection of essential accessories. Our shirt aids and shirt stays are some of the most popular items for Coast Guard uniform accessories. You’ll find that these items make a huge difference in how neat your shirt looks, especially when wearing it through longer events like parades or ceremonies. From collar extenders to shirt tailors, you’ll find a variety of items to make your Coast Guard dress shirts look sharp for those important occasions.

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  1. Blousing Garters

    Blousing Garters


    Blousing Garters: Hook-on fastener, pair. Learn More
  2. Military 100-MPH Duct Tape

    Military 100-MPH Duct Tape

    Price From: $11.25

    Duct tape emerged from the trenches of World War II to become the all-American tool. Learn More
  3. Military Nameplates, Blank

    Military Nameplates, Blank


    These are available for each branch of service in the appropriate colors and sizes. Learn More
  4. Shirt Aids: Collar Extender

    Shirt Aids: Collar Extender


    Shirt collar too tight? Here’s an inexpensive solution. Learn More
  5. Shirt Aids: Garter

    Shirt Aids: Garter


    Keep socks up and shirt down! Learn More
  6. Shirt Aids: Stirrup Shirt Stays

    Shirt Aids: Stirrup Shirt Stays


    Keep your shirt tucked into your pants! Learn More
  7. Shirt Aids: UnStrangler® Collar Extender

    Shirt Aids: UnStrangler® Collar Extender


    The name of this new product says it all! Give your neck a breather – and room enough to show off a tie correctly. The UnStrangler® Collar Extender is discrete and invisible when you need an extra 1/2" of comfort. Learn More
  8. Shirt Lock™

    Shirt Lock™

    Price From: $15.75

    This undergarment belt was designed for uniformed officers in police, fire, military, and homeland security services. It’s a reliable alternative to shirt stays, rubber and flex belts, and even suspenders. Learn More
  9. Shirt Tailor

    Shirt Tailor


    This new and improved rubber belt stay will keep your shirt neatly tucked in. Available in gray or white to blend with your light or dark shirt. Learn More

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Besides shirt aids, our Coast Guard uniform include other items that are required to make your uniform look appropriate while sticking to military dress guidelines. A military nameplate, for example, is a must-have for most Coast Guard members. Blousing garters are another essential accessory for many of these events.

Search our entire selection to find other Coast Guard accessories you need, and make Glendale Parade Store your go-to resource for other uniform essentials, such as gloves, scarves, cords, pins, patches and sabers. We’re a convenient one-stop shop for finding all of your necessary military accessories and supplies. Have a question about any of our products? Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.