How to Mount an Indoor Flag

Mounting an indoor flag is a ceremonial responsibility that should always be performed properly. If you have been delegated this task for upcoming ceremony or occasion, you’ll want to learn each of the steps so you can let you flag fly the right way. At Glendale Parade Store, we’re here to show you how. Read our guide on how to properly mount an indoor flag, and shop covers, rifles, flags and other products with us to prepare for your next parade the right way today!

Mounting Your Indoor Flag: Step-by-Step Instructions

Ready to learn how to properly mount your indoor flag? We’ll guide you through the process in just a few simple steps. In most cases, indoor flags are mounted on one of two types of poles: aluminum poles or wood poles. The instructions vary slightly depending on the pole used, so you’ll want to be sure to determine what type of pole you’re mounting your indoor flag to before proceeding.

Once you’ve determined which type of pole you’re going to be using, you can begin the process of mounting your indoor flag. If you’re using an aluminum pole, start by pulling Velcro™ tabs out from both the top and bottom of the pole hem. Separate the burr side of each tab and peel off the backing. After peeling off the backing, stick it on the pole.

To secure the flag, press the burr and felt sides together or slide the pole hem over the pole. Affix the ornament to the pole. Next, attach the top tab to the ring of the eye screw of the pole ornament. The flag should hang naturally. To ensure that it stays in place, adjust the circular aluminum ring to the point on the pole where the bottom of the flag will fall and tighten that eye screw against the pole to hold the ring securely. Take the bottom tab in the pole hem and attach it to this second eye screw.

On wood poles, no bottom ring or bottom Velcro tab is required. You’ll only need to pull out the top Velcro tab to properly affix the flag.

Tips on Attaching Cords and Tassels

Attaching cords and tassels to your indoor flag? Follow these three steps to ensure a secure and properly-tied attachment.

First, insert the folded end of your cord and tassel up through the bottom of the screw-eye on your pole. Then, pass the loose ends of the cord and tassel through and over the loop above the screw eye. Finally, pull down gently until the cord and tassel are snug against the pole and drape them over the front of the flag.

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