How to Shape a Beret

There are a few skills that every member of the armed forces should master ahead of a parade, drill or other ceremony. One of these is shaping a beret. Berets are the customary ceremonial headwear for all branches of the U.S. armed forces and are intended to be worn in a certain manner. For many military members (both past and active), mastering the beret can be something of a mystery. At Glendale Parade Store, we’re here to help. Our military staff have put together this short guide on how to properly shape a beret. By following the steps below, you too can wear a beret the right way for your next ceremonial obligation. Read on to learn how, and shop apparel and custom wear, garment and gear bags, uniform accessories and more online with us today!

Shaping Your Beret

If you are an active or past member of the armed forces, shaping a beret is something you should have in your skill set. If you still haven’t learned, we’re here to save you. Follow these simple steps to shape your beret ahead of your next ceremonial obligation.

Begin by cutting the lining out of your beret to reduce bulk and ease the shaping process. (The step is especially important for the regulation Army Beret. For an easier alternative, you could opt for one of our high-quality unlined Armed Forces Berets here at Glendale Parade Store.) After you have removed the lining, wet and shave your beret inside and out to remove its layer of fuzz. That will ensure the wool has a smooth appearance. (You can shave your beret dry, but shaving it while it's wet should make the job easier.)

After lining-cutting and shaving, it’s time to form-fit your beret. Soaking your beret before donning it will help stretch the wool and form it to the wearer's head. Most of the beret's material should be pulled down so it drapes over the right ear. The cardboard stiffener should be centered over your left eye so the headband is about two finger-widths above the eyebrow. Pinch the cardboard stiffener so that the wool dips down behind it. Tie the two laces in the back in a non-slip knot for a snug fit, then cut off the ends of the ties.

Once you have form-fitted your beret to your head, dry it by putting it in the freezer. (You can also wear your beret until it dries, if you choose.) After drying, have the flash centered on your beret's cardboard stiffener and sewn on. Though some might suggest that it's best to sew the unit flash on as a first step, you run the risk of the beret color bleeding into the flash when it's wet.

Have Questions? Ask Us!

By following the steps listed above, you can successfully shape your beret ahead of your next ceremony. If you have questions about the above process or any other ceremonial protocol, our military staff here at Glendale Parade Store would love to help you out. Contact our team directly, and head over to our information page for fast facts, guides and much more.